The IdentityHawk 2011 Semiannual Identity Breach Report

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Friday, July 1, 2011 -

2011 relevant breaches identified by IdentityHawk as of July 1, 2011

Total Breaches: 158
Total Records Breached: 104,003,513

The IdentityHawk 2011 Semiannual Identity Breach Report is a compilation of the enterprise identity breaches reported to its members from January 2011 - June 2011.

IdentityHawk sifts through all reported enterprise data breaches that occur and determines relevant breaches, alerting members if any breaches meet any one of these comprehensive guidelines, such as:

- if a breach affects one of the top banking institutions or companies,
- is widely publicized,
- or at least 500,000 records were lost.

IdentityHawk members are informed and given methods to protect personal information and check that their data was not compromised by these relevant breaches.

IdentityHawk defines a data breach as an event in which an individual’s identity information is potentially at risk.

Note: This report may not account for all data breaches reported to IdentityHawk members, for example, data breaches that were reported a month after the breach occurred.

Copyright 2011 IdentityHawk

IdentityHawk is a leading identity protection service that aggressively zeroes in on potential threats to help consumers safeguard their identity. Members are warned of potential identity risks so they can take steps to stop fraud before it starts. IdentityHawk is a product of FYI Direct, Inc., a leader in direct-to-consumer credit and identity protection services. For more information, go to


The IdentityHawk January 2011 Identity Breach Report

Date            Breach                                                                  Records lost
3-Jan-11      Half Hitch Tackle                                                  Unknown
4-Jan-11      PinnacleHealth System                                        1,086
8-Jan-11      Washington St. Employment Security Dept.        1,000
8-Jan-11      Tulane University                                                 10,684
13-Jan-11     St. Vincent Hospital                                             1,800
26-Jan-11     University Book Exchange                                  Unknown
29-Jan-11     University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics             Unknown

Total Records Lost:
At least 14,570

The IdentityHawk February 2011 Identity Breach Report

Date              Breach                                                                Records lost
1-Feb-11       Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company               Unknown
4-Feb-11       Medi-Cal                                                             2,400
9-Feb-11       Oregon Department of Corrections                    550
15-Feb-11     Day’s Jewelers                                                   2,000
15-Feb-11     Baylor Health Care System Inc.                         8,241
15-Feb-11     Affiliated Computer Services                              8,000
16-Feb-11     Charleston Area Medical Center’s Research Institute 3,655
18-Feb-11     Snow Creek                                                       Unknown
20-Feb-11     Emory Healthcare                                              2,400
22-Feb-11     Chapman University                                          13,000
24-Feb-11     Henry Ford Health System                                2,777

Total Records Lost:
At least 43,023

The IdentityHawk March 2011 Identity Breach Report

Date              Breach                                                             Records lost
1-Mar-11       Se San Diego Hotel                                         Unknown
1-Mar-11       Health Net                                                        1,900,000
1-Mar-11       Cancer Care Northwest                                    3,150
1-Mar-11       Memorial Health Services                                2,250
2-Mar-11       Beebe Medical Center                                      113
3-Mar-11       Missouri State University                                  6,030
4-Mar-11       Alaska Department of Ed. and Early Development 89,519
4-Mar-11       Rancho Los Amigos National Rehab Center     667
4-Mar-11       University of South Carolina – Sumter              31,000
5-Mar-11       Blue Cross Blue Florida                                    7,400
8-Mar-11       Western Michigan University                            Unknown
9-Mar-11       Midlands Technical College                              500
9-Mar-11       Eastern Michigan University                              45
10-Mar-11     TD Bank                                                           Unknown
10-Mar-11     Ortho Montana, PSC                                        37,000
10-Mar-11     University of Massachusetts at Amherst          942
10-Mar-11     The Hartford Life Insurance Company             300
11-Mar-11     Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 370
15-Mar-11     Bloomfield Hills School District                         321
16-Mar-11     Nation’s Giant Hamburgers                              200
16-Mar-11     Walnut Township School District                      80
17-Mar-11     City of Cleveland Council                                 10
20-Mar-11     Killeen Independent School District                 Unknown
21-Mar-11     Portland Veterans Affairs Medical Center        75
22-Mar-11     Texas Education Agency                                 24,903
22-Mar-11     Lone Star Business Solutions                         Unknown
23-Mar-11     Applied Micro Circuits                                     Unknown
24-Mar-11     InfoSpherix                                                      970
25-Mar-11     Maryville Academy                                          3,897
25-Mar-11     E-Dreamz                                                        Unknown
25-Mar-11     Ulysses Telemedia Networks                          Unknown
26-Mar-11     Portland Center for the Performing Arts          864
29-Mar-11     BP                                                                   13,000
29-Mar-11     Huntington Learning Center                            Unknown
29-Mar-11     NYU Langone Medical Center                         670
30-Mar-11     Designer’s Choice                                           Unknown
30-Mar-11     Coach Pitch American Division Babe Ruth Baseball League Unknown
30-Mar-11     Louis A. Johnson VA Medical Center              1,450
30-Mar-11     Eisenhower Medical Center                            514,330
31-Mar-11     Wenatchee Valley College                              3,800
31-Mar-11     AIM Medical Associates, PC                          15,000

Total Records Lost:
At least 2,658,856

The IdentityHawk April 2011 Identity Breach Report

Date             Breach                                                           Records lost
1-Apr-11       GoGridLLC                                                    Unknown
4-Apr-11       Hartford Hospital                                           93,500
5-Apr-11       US Airways                                                    3,000
7--Apr-11      Merlin Information Services                          Unknown
8-Apr-11       Aiken County Veteran’s Affairs                      2,667
8-Apr-11       Family Planning Council                                70,000
11-Apr-11     Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts           3,500,000
12-Apr-11     UMass Memorial Healthcare                         Unknown
12-Apr-11     Infogroup                                                       Unknown
12-Apr-11     Lancaster County School District                  27,500
13-Apr-11     Fairview Heath Services                               1,200
13-Apr-11     Albright College                                            10,000
13-Apr-11     AllianceBernstein Holding LP                       Unknown
13-Apr-11     Moises M. Soulas Jr. M.D.                           100
13-Apr-11     Marsh U.S. Consumer                                  Unknown
18-Apr-11     ABM Industries                                             Unknown
18-Apr-11     Southwest Ambulance                                  581
20-Apr-11     Blockbuster Video                                         Unknown
20-Apr-11     Netflix, Inc.                                                    Unknown
21-Apr-11     Qdoba Mexican Grill                                     18
21-Apr-11     Online Ticket Selling Company                     359,661
22-Apr-11     U.S. District Court – Middle District of Alabama 40
22-Apr-11     Schield Family Companies                          12,000
26-Apr-11     Sony Corporation of America                       70,000,000
27-Apr-11                                             8,000
27-Apr-11     New York Yankees                                       17,000
29-Apr-11     Brian J. Daniels, DDS                                  10,000

Total Records Lost:
At least 74,115,267

The IdentityHawk May 2011 Identity Breach Report

Date                Breach                                                     Records lost
2-May-11     Woman to Woman Healthcare                     26
2-May-11     X Factor                                                       250,000
2-May-11     Sony Online Entertainment                         24,600,000
3-May-11     Speare Memorial Hospital                           5,994
3-May-11     FIS                                                               7,170
4-May-11     Michaels Stores, Inc.                                   Unknown
4-May-11     Baker Moving and Storage                          Unknown
5-May-11     Lockerman Family Chiropractic                   Unknown
5-May-11     Central Oregon Coummunity College          Unknown
5-May-11     Methodist Charlton Medical Center             1,500
7-May-11     Jeffry Barnes, DDS                                      60
8-May-11     Huntington National Bank                            2,000
9-May-11     Assurant Employee Benefits                       1,007
9-May-11     Reid Hospital                                               20,000
10-May-11   Dunes Family Health Care                          16,000
10-May-11   Indiana Regional Medical Center                1,388
11-May-11    Fox Broadcasting                                        300
12-May-11    KB Pizza                                                     Unknown
13-May-11    Anthem Blue Cross of California                37,900
17-May-11    MA Department of Workforce Development Unknown
17-May-11    EyeCare Associates of the San Ramon Valley 611
17-May-11    Regions Bank                                             149
17-May-11    Delta Dental                                                Unknown
18-May-11    National Business Center                           4,000
20-May-11    Transpro                                                     800
23-May-11    Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa                         Unknown
23-May-11    Global Financial Aid Services                    Unknown
24-May-11    Memphis City Schools                               350
25-May-11    Bank of America                                        Unknown
27-May-11    Provena Covenant Medical Center           100
27-May-11    Spartanburg Regional Medical Center      Unknown
27-May-11    San Juan Unified School District               4,000
27-May-11    Loyola University Medical Center             100
27-May-11    LA Boxing                                                  Unknown
27-May-11    Tax Matters, Inc.                                        Unknown

Total Records Lost:
At least 24,953,455

The IdentityHawk June 2011 Identity Breach Report

Date            Breach                                                         Records lost
2-Jun-11     Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center Unknown
2-Jun-11     Sony Pictures                                               1,000,000
2-Jun-11     San Francisco Public Utilities Commission   180,000
3-Jun-11     Trinity Medical Center                                    4,500
3-Jun-11     HealthCare Partners                                     15,727
3-Jun-11     University of Mary Washington                      7,566
3-Jun-11     InfraGard                                                      Unknown
6-Jun-11     Victor Victoria's Restaurant                          Unknown
7-Jun-11     Granville County Schools                             Unknown
8-Jun-11     Denver Players                                            Unknown
8-Jun-11     Citibank                                                        200,000
8-Jun-11     Burke County District Attorney's Office        Unknown
9-Jun-11     Ravenel Elementary School                         15
10-Jun-11    Lafrance Hospitality Corporation                 100
10-Jun-11    Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services 4,900
10-Jun-11    Pfizer                                                          Unknown
11-Jun-11    Penn State Altoona                                    12,000
11-Jun-11    Southern California Medical-Legal Consultants 300,000
12-Jun-11    Dr. Morgan Camp M.D. & Associates         Unknown
13-Jun-11    Jackson Memorial Hospital                         1,800
13-Jun-11    Bethesda Softworks                                    200,000
14-Jun-11    Saint Louis University                                 Unknown
14-Jun-11    Platte Valley Medical Center                       Unknown
15-Jun-11    Workscape                                                  Unknown
16-Jun-11    Harrisburg Project                                       10,454
16-Jun-11                                         12,000
17-Jun-11    Area Agency on Aging, Inc.                         78,000
17-Jun-11    Blue Cross Blue Shield Florida                    3,500
19-Jun-11    InfraGard Connecticut                                1,000
20-Jun-11    Foothills Nephrology                                   1,280
21-Jun-11    Dropbox                                                      Unknown
23-Jun-11    Arizona Department of Public Safety          Unknown
24-Jun-11    California Department of Public Health      9,000
24-Jun-11    Accendo Insurance Company                    175,000
27-Jun-11    Gannett Government Media Corporation   Unknown
30-Jun-11    PhyData LLC                                              1,500
30-Jun-11    Smashing Tomato                                      Unknown

Total Records Lost:

At least 2,218,342


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IdentityHawk is a leading identity protection service that aggressively zeroes in on potential threats to help consumers safeguard their identity. Members are warned of potential identity risks so they can take steps to stop fraud before it starts. IdentityHawk is a product of FYI Direct, Inc., a leader in direct-to-consumer credit and identity protection services.  For more information, go to

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