IdentityHawk 2010 Year End Identity Theft Breach Report

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Thursday, February 2, 2012 -

Details of Records Lost in 2010 Total: 16,354,194

1. 1-Jan-2010 Larch Corrections Center (Yacolt, WA) 43
2. 3-Jan-2010 Transportation Security Administration (Vienna, VA) 16
3. 5-Jan-2010 Metropark USA Inc (Los Angeles, CA) Unknown
4. 6-Jan-2010 Eugene School District 4J (Eugene, OR) 13,000
5. 11-Jan-2010 Suffolk County National Bank (Riverhead, NY) 8,378
6. 13-Jan-2010 Kaiser Permanente Northern California (Oakland, CA) 15,500
7. 18-Jan-2010 City of Oakridge OR (Oakridge, OR) Unknown
8. 18-Jan-2010 Goodwill Industries International Inc (Rockville, MD) Unknown
9. 19-Jan-2010 University of Missouri (Columbia, MO) Unknown
10. 22-Jan-2010 City of Columbus OH (Columbus, OH) Unknown
11. 26-Jan-2010 Methodist Hospital (Houston, TX) 689
12. 27-Jan-2010 National Archives and Records Administration (College Park, MD) 250,000
13. 27-Jan-2010 University of California San Francisco (San Francisco, CA) 4,400
14. 27-Jan-2010 P.F. Chang's Bistro Inc (Scottsdale, AZ) Unknown
15. 28-Jan-2010 State of Alaska (Juneau, AK) 77,000
16. 29-Jan-2010 Ameriquest Mortgage Company (Orange, CA) 100
17. 29-Jan-2010 Rabjohns Financial Group (Chicago, IL) Unknown
18. 30-Jan-2010 Humboldt State University (Arcata, CA) 3,500
19. 30-Jan-2010 Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission (Des Moines, IA) 80,000
20. 31-Jan-2010 Columbia University (New York, NY) 1,400
21. 1-Feb-2010 West Virginia University (Morgantown, WV) 53
22. 1-Feb-2010 Ceridian Corporation (Minneapolis, MN) 27,000
23. 2-Feb-2010 Ozarks Area Community Action Corporation (Springfield, MO) 243
24. 3-Feb-2010 Highmark (Pittsburgh, PA) 3,700
25. 4-Feb-2010 University of Texas at El Paso (El Paso, TX) 15,000
26. 4-Feb-2010 Social Security Administration (Baltimore, MD) 969
27. 5-Feb-2010 Wyoming Department of Health (Cheyenne, WY) 9,000
28. 8-Feb-2010 AvMed Health Plans (Gainesville, FL) 208,000
29. 9-Feb-2010 Kansas City Art Institute (Kansas City, MO) 145
30. 9-Feb-2010 California Department of Health Care Services (Sacramento, CA) 50,000
31. 11-Feb-2010 University of Texas Medical Branch (Galveston, TX) 1,200
32. 11-Feb-2010 Equifax Inc. (Atlanta, GA) Unknown
33. 13-Feb-2010 Eclipse Property Solutions (Pinellas Park, FL) Unknown
34. 14-Feb-2010 West Memphis Arkansas Police Department (West Memphis, AR) Unknown
35. 16-Feb-2010 Dairy Queen Corporation (Minneapolis, MN) Unknown
36. 17-Feb-2010 Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (Carbondale, IL) 900
37. 17-Feb-2010 Cardiology Consultants Inc (Pensacola, FL) 8,000
38. 18-Feb-2010 Valdosta State University (Valdosta, GA) 170,000
39. 19-Feb-2010 TennCare (Nashville, TN) 3,900
40. 22-Feb-2010 Arkansas Army National Guard (North Little Rock, AR) 35,000
41. 24-Feb-2010 Citigroup (New York, NY) 600,000
42. 26-Feb-2010 Open Door Clinic (Elgin, IL) 260
43. 26-Feb-2010 Wyndham Hotels (Parsippany, NJ) Unknown
44. 1-Mar-2010 Shands HealthCare (Gainesville, FL) 12,500
45. 1-Mar-2010 Bennett College (Greensboro, NC) 1,100
46. 2-Mar-2010 University of Washington Med Ctr. (Seattle, WA) 50
47. 2-Mar-2010 South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (Columbia, SC) Unknown
48. 3-Mar-2010 Arrow Electronics Inc (Melville, NY) 4,004
49. 4-Mar-2010 Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center (Winston-Salem, NC) 554
50. 4-Mar-2010 New Mexico State University (Las Cruces, NM) 300
51. 5-Mar-2010 Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites (Los Angeles, CA) Unknown
52. 5-Mar-2010 Small Dog Electronics (Waitsfield, VT) 1,225
53. 7-Mar-2010 Diabetes Direct, Inc. (Jupiter, FL) Unknown
54. 9-Mar-2010 Monoprice, Inc. (Rancho Cucamonga, CA) Unknown
55. 10-Mar-2010 Thrivent Financial for Lutherans (Minneapolis, MN) Unknown
56. 12-Mar-2010 St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department (St Louis, MO) 24
57. 16-Mar-2010 California State University Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA) 232
58. 16-Mar-2010 Vanderbilt University (Nashville, TN) 7,174
59. 17-Mar-2010 University of South Carolina Beaufort (Beaufort, SC) 480
60. 18-Mar-2010 Mary's Pizza Shack (Sonoma, CA) 50
61. 22-Mar-2010 Connecticut Office of Policy and Management (Hartford, CT) 11,000
62. 23-Mar-2010 H&R Block (Kansas City, MO) 60
63. 24-Mar-2010 Vancouver Public Schools (Vancouver, WA) 5,000
64. 25-Mar-2010 Northwestern Memorial Hospital (Chicago, IL) 250
65. 26-Mar-2010 Educational Credit Management Corporation (Oakdale, MN) 3,300,000
66. 29-Mar-2010 Proxima Alfa Investments LLC (New York, NY) Unknown
67. 30-Mar-2010 Griffin Hospital (Derby, CT) 957
68. 31-Mar-2010 Boulder Community Hospital (Boulder, CO) 14
69. 2-Apr-2010 Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center (Port Hueneme, CA) 244
70. 3-Apr-2010 City of Middletown Ohio (Middletown, OH) Unknown
71. 5-Apr-2010 John Muir Health (Walnut Creek, CA) 5,450
72. 5-Apr-2010 Affinity Health Plan (Bronx, NY) 409,262
73. 6-Apr-2010 Providence Hospital (Southfield, MI) 12
74. 7-Apr-2010 Mad Capper Saloon & Eatery (Stillwater, MN) 80
75. 8-Apr-2010 H&R Block (Kansas City, MO) 20
76. 8-Apr-2010 St. Francis Hospital (Tulsa, OK) 60
77. 8-Apr-2010 HCR ManorCare (Silver Spring, MD) Unknown
78. 8-Apr-2010 SFN Professional Services LLC (Fort Lauderdale, FL) Unknown
79. 9-Apr-2010 Hollywood Video (Wilsonville, OR) Unknown
80. 9-Apr-2010 Atlanta Fire Rescue (Atlanta, GA) Unknown
81. 11-Apr-2010 LPL Financial (Boston, MA) Unknown
82. 12-Apr-2010 Baylor Health Care System Inc. (Dallas, TX) Unknown
83. 20-Apr-2010 Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary (Boston, MA) 3,526
84. 22-Apr-2010 United Imaging (Chattanooga, TN) 1,700
85. 26-Apr-2010 Texas Child Protective Services Division (Austin, TX) 70
86. 26-Apr-2010 DRC Physical Therapy Plus (Monticello, NY) Unknown
87. 28-Apr-2010 The Medical Center at Bowling Green (Bowling Green, KY) 5,418
88. 28-Apr-2010 Paychex (Rochester, NY) 21
89. 28-Apr-2010 Montana Tech of The University of Montana (Butte, MT) 260
90. 29-Apr-2010 St. Jude Heritage Medical Center (Fullerton, CA) 20,000
91. 30-Apr-2010 Emergency Healthcare Physicians (Hinsdale, IL) 180,111
92. 3-May-2010 Our Lady of Peace (Louisville, KY) 24,600
93. 7-May-2010 Fast Cash Plus Inc (Knoxville, TN) Unknown
94. 7-May-2010 FHG Finance (Pleasant Hill, CA) 300
95. 10-May-2010 Mid Atlantic Processing (Owings Mills, MD) Unknown
96. 10-May-2010 Los Angeles Firemen's Credit Union (Los Angeles, CA) Unknown
97. 11-May-2010 West Monroe Partners LLC (Chicago, IL) 9,500
98. 12-May-2010 U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (Washington, D.C.) 644
99. 13-May-2010 United States Army Reserve (Washington, D.C.) 207,000
100. 17-May-2010 Oconee Heart Center (Seneca, SC) 600
101. 21-May-2010 Strong Memorial Hospital (Rochester, NY) 1,250
102. 22-May-2010 Aldaco's Mexican Cuisine (San Antonio, TX) Unknown
103. 25-May-2010 Ferrell Communication (Jacksonville, FL) Unknown
104. 26-May-2010 City of Charlotte (Charlotte, NC) 5,220
105. 28-May-2010 Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center (Cincinnati, OH) 61,000
106. 28-May-2010 Aetna Life Insurance Company (Hartford, CT) Unknown
107. 1-Jun-2010 Roanoke City Public Schools (Roanoke, VA) 2,000
108. 2-Jun-2010 University of Louisville (Lousiville, KY) 708
109. 2-Jun-2010 Bank of America (Charlotte, NC) Unknown
110. 2-Jun-2010 Rainbow Hospice and Palliative Care (Park Ridge, IL) Unknown
111. 2-Jun-2010 Penn State University (University Park, PA) 15,806
112. 3-Jun-2010 Safe Harbor Med Evaluations (Santa Cruz, CA) Unknown
113. 7-Jun-2010 Nursing Visioned Medical Services (Columbia, MD) Unknown
114. 9-Jun-2010 Tufts University (Somerville, MA) 7,000
115. 17-Jun-2010 Ocean Lakes High School (Virginia Beach, VA) Unknown
116. 22-Jun-2010 Florida International University (Miami, FL) 19,500
117. 23-Jun-2010 Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield (Indianapolis, IN) 230,000
118. 23-Jun-2010 Oregon National Guard (Salem, OR) Unknown
119. 23-Jun-2010 Destination Hotels & Resorts (Englewood, CO) 700
120. 24-Jun-2010 University of Oklahoma (Norman, OK) Unknown
121. 25-Jun-2010 University Hospital (Augusta, GA) 13,000
122. 29-Jun-2010 University of Maine (Orono, ME) 4,585
123. 29-Jun-2010 Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center (New York, NY) 130,495
124. 30-Jun-2010 California State University San Bernardino (San Bernardino, CA) 36
125. 2-Jul-2010 Beautiful Brands International (Tulsa, OK) Unknown
126. 2-Jul-2010 AMR Corporation (Fort Worth, TX) 79,000
127. 6-Jul-2010 University of Florida (Gainesville, FL) 2,047
128. 6-Jul-2010 Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth (Boston, MA) 139,000
129. 6-Jul-2010 University of Hawaii at Manoa (Honolulu, HI) 53,000
130. 15-Jul-2010 Prince William County (Manassas, VA) 669
131. 16-Jul-2010 Utah Department of Workforce Services (Salt Lake City, UT) 1,300
132. 16-Jul-2010 Buena Vista University (Storm Lake, IA) 93,000
133. 16-Jul-2010 Connecticut Department of Labor (Wethersfield, CT) 5,000
134. 19-Jul-2010 LV Financial Services (Orlando, FL) Unknown
135. 19-Jul-2010 Maryland Department of Human Resources (Baltimore, MD) 3,000
136. 19-Jul-2010 South Shore Hospital (South Weymouth, MA) 800,000
137. 23-Jul-2010 Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals (Philadelphia, PA) 21,000
138. 27-Jul-2010 Cooper University Hospital (Camden, NJ) Unknown
139. 30-Jul-2010 Texas Children's Hospital (Houston, TX) 1,600
140. 30-Jul-2010 Montefiore Medical Center (Bronx, NY) 23,000
141. 30-Jul-2010 Montefiore Medical Center (Bronx, NY) 16,000
142. 4-Aug-2010 Hingham Town Hall (Hingham, MA) 1,300
143. 6-Aug-2010 Aultman Health Foundation (Canton, OH) 13,800
144. 6-Aug-2010 Fort Worth Allergies and Asthma Associates (Fort Worth, TX) 25,000
145. 9-Aug-2010 University of North Carolina at Greensboro (Greensboro, NC) 240
146. 9-Aug-2010 University of North Carolina at Greensboro (Greensboro, NC) 2,300
147. 12-Aug-2010 College Center for Library Automation (Tallahassee, FL) 126,000
148. 12-Aug-2010 Oregon Health & Science University (Portland, OR) 4,000
149. 12-Aug-2010 Portland Community College (Portland, OR) 2,900
150. 13-Aug-2010 Four MA Hospitals (Dorchester, Holyoke, Milford, Milton, MA) Unknown
151. 13-Aug-2010 Doherty Hotel & Convention Center (Clare, MI) 150
152. 16-Aug-2010 American Fidelity Assurance Company (Oklahoma City, OK) Unknown
153. 16-Aug-2010 Riverview Gardens School District (St. Louis, MO) Unknown
154. 18-Aug-2010 Yale University (New Haven, CT) 1,000
155. 19-Aug-2010 University of Kentucky (Lexington, KY) 2,027
156. 19-Aug-2010 University of Connecticut (Storrs, CT) 10,174
157. 20-Aug-2010 Cook County Health & Hospitals System (Chicago, IL) 7,000
158. 23-Aug-2010 Eastmoreland Surgical Clinic & Vein Center (Portland, OR) Unknown
159. 25-Aug-2010 Moffitt Cancer Center (Tampa, FL) 492
160. 26-Aug-2010 The Regional Medical Center of Orangeburg & Calhoun Counties (Orangeburg, SC) 200
161. 30-Aug-2010 Aon Consulting (Chicago, IL) 22,000
162. 30-Aug-2010 Arkansas State University (Jonesboro, AR) 2,484
163. 31-Aug-2010 P.K. Yonge Developmental Research School (Gainesville, FL) 8,300
164. 31-Aug-2010 Jason's Deli (Beaumont, TX) 300
165. 31-Aug-2010 Serious Texas Bar-B-Q (Durango, CO) 300
166. 2-Sep-2010 HEI Hotels (Norwalk, CT) 3,400
167. 2-Sep-2010 Carpenters District Council of Greater St. Louis and Vicinity (St. Louis, MO) 24,000
168. 2-Sep-2010 Kinetic Concepts Inc. (San Antonio, TX) 4,000
169. 3-Sep-2010 Benefit Concepts, Inc. (East Providence, RI) Unknown
170. 4-Sep-2010 Town of Essex (Essex, MA) Unknown
171. 5-Sep-2010 Eastern Michigan University (Ypsilanti, MI) Unknown
172. 7-Sep-2010 City University of New York (New York, NY) 7,000
173. 9-Sep-2010 Mayo Clinic (Rochester, MN) 1,700
174. 10-Sep-2010 Rice University (Houston, TX) 7,250
175. 11-Sep-2010 Corona-Norco Unified School District (Norco, CA) 80
176. 21-Sep-2010 University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (Pittsburgh, PA) Unknown
177. 23-Sep-2010 Martin Luther King, Jr. Multi-Service Ambulatory Care Center (Los Angeles, CA) 33,000
178. 24-Sep-2010 St. Vincent Hospital (Indianapolis, IN) 1,200
179. 24-Sep-2010 Saint Mary's Regional Medical Center (Russellville, AR) Unknown
180. 24-Sep-2010 University of Oklahoma Neurology Clinic (Oklahoma City, OK) 19,264
181. 27-Sep-2010 New York Presbyterian/ Columbia University Medical Center (New York, NY) 6,800
182. 29-Sep-2010 Maine Department of Education (Augusta, ME) Unknown
183. 29-Sep-2010 Home Lynx Home Loans (Fort Myers, FL) Unknown
184. 29-Sep-2010 Morgan Keegan & Company (Memphis, TN) 18,500
185. 1-Oct-2010 Has-Camino Travel Agency (South Pasadena, CA) Unknown
186. 1-Oct-2010 ALDI Stores (Batavia, IL) Unknown
187. 1-Oct-2010 Romeu's Cuban Restaurant (Southwest Ranches, FL) 28
188. 1-Oct-2010 Federal Prison Industries Inc (Lexington, KY) Unknown
189. 4-Oct-2010 Gulf Pines Hospital (Port Saint Joe, FL) Unknown
190. 5-Oct-2010 Gastroenterology Consultants (Omaha, NE) Unknown
191. 7-Oct-2010 Carolina West Wireless (Wilkesboro, NC) 121
192. 8-Oct-2010 Mississippi National Guard (Tupelo, MS) 3,000
193. 8-Oct-2010 AmeriCorps (Washington, D.C.) Unknown
194. 12-Oct-2010 Citibank (San Antonio, TX) Unknown
195. 13-Oct-2010 Navy Federal Credit Union (Vienna, VA) 17
196. 14-Oct-2010 Accomack County Virginia (Accomac, VA) 35,000
197. 14-Oct-2010 Office of Performance Analysis & Integrity; US Dept of VA (Washington, D.C.) 6,299
198. 14-Oct-2010 Fairwinds Credit Union, RBC (Orlando, FL) Unknown
199. 15-Oct-2010 University of North Florida (Jacksonville, FL) 106,884
200. 15-Oct-2010 Payday Loan Store of Illinois (Chicago, IL) Unknown
201. 16-Oct-2010 New Mexico Tech (Socorro, NM) 3,000
202. 16-Oct-2010 University of California Davis (Davis, CA) 900
203. 16-Oct-2010 UC Davis Medical Center (Sacramento, CA) 900
204. 18-Oct-2010 Milwaukee County Human Resources (Milwaukee, WI) 30
205. 18-Oct-2010 Jackson Hewitt (Parsippany, NJ) Unknown
206. 19-Oct-2010 University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (Little Rock, AR) Unknown
207. 20-Oct-2010 Keystone Mercy Health Plan (Philadelphia, PA) 280,000
208. 20-Oct-2010 California Men's Colony (San Luis Obispo, CA) 8
209. 21-Oct-2010 Richmond Public Schools (Richmond, VA) 110
210. 21-Oct-2010 Seton Hall University (South Orange, NJ) 1,500
211. 25-Oct-2010 U.S. General Services Administration (Washington, D.C.) 12,000
212. 27-Oct-2010 University of Connecticut (Storrs, CT) 23
213. 29-Oct-2010 University of Hawaii (Honolulu, HI) 40,101
214. 6-Nov-2010 Town of New Baltimore (New Baltimore, NY) 50
215. 10-Nov-2010 New Hanover County (Wilmington, NC) 163
216. 11-Nov-2010 Holy Cross Hospital (Fort Lauderdale, FL) 44,000
217. 15-Nov-2010 University of Nebraska Lincoln (Lincoln, NE) 300,000
218. 15-Nov-2010 Henry Ford Health System (Detroit, MI) Unknown
219. 15-Nov-2010 Messiah College (Grantham, PA) 43,000
220. 16-Nov-2010 ECS Learning Systems (Bulverde, TX) 1,300
221. 18-Nov-2010 City of Nevada City (Nevada City, CA) 31
222. 18-Nov-2010 American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) (Washington, D.C.) Unknown
223. 19-Nov-2010 Federal Reserve Bank (Washington, D.C.) Unknown
224. 22-Nov-2010 University of Central Missouri (Warrensburg, MO) 90,000
225. 23-Nov-2010 Pacific Hospital (Long Beach, CA) 14
226. 23-Nov-2010 State Department of Labor & Industries (Tumwater, WA) Unknown
227. 27-Nov-2010 University of Tennessee Medical Center (Knoxville, TN) 8,000
228. 30-Nov-2010 Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections (Tampa, FL) 2,000
229. 30-Nov-2010 Farber Enterprises (Kerrville, TX) Unknown
230. 1-Dec-2010 KMax Systems (Kissimmee, FL) Unknown
231. 2-Dec-2010 Houston Independent School District (Houston, TX) 232,000
232. 2-Dec-2010 University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ) 8,300
233. 3-Dec-2010 American Check Cashiers of Oklahoma, LLC (Tulsa, OK) Unknown
234. 4-Dec-2010 Mesa County Colorado (Grand Junction, CO) 200,000
235. 9-Dec-2010 University of Wisconsin-Madison (Madison, WI) 60,000
236. 10-Dec-2010 Walgreens (Deerfield, IL) Unknown
237. 10-Dec-2010 Genesco Inc (Nashville, TN) Unknown
238. 10-Dec-2010 Newark Beth Israel Medical Center (Newark, NJ) 1,744
239. 11-Dec-2010 McDonald's Corporation (Oak Brook, IL) Unknown
240. 12-Dec-2010 Gawker Media (New York, NY) 1,300,000
241. 13-Dec-2010 Mountain Vista Medical Center (Mesa, AZ) 2,284
242. 15-Dec-2010 Ohio State University (Columbus, OH) 760,000
243. 15-Dec-2010 New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (Albany, NY) 15,000
244. 16-Dec-2010 Integrated Biometrics Technology (Nashville, TN) Unknown
245. 20-Dec-2010 Dean Health Systems (Madison, WI) 3,288
246. 21-Dec-2010 Kinetic Concepts Inc (San Antonio, TX) Unknown
247. 23-Dec-2010 Mankato Clinic (Mankato, MN) 3,159
248. 23-Dec-2010 American Honda Motor Co., Inc (Torrance, CA) 4,900,000
249. 27-Dec-2010 Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center (Danville, PA) 2,928
250. 28-Dec-2010 Apothecary of Colorado (Denver, CO) Unknown
251. 30-Dec-2010 Pentagon Federal Credit Union (Alexandria, VA) 512
252. 30-Dec-2010 EVG Quality Gas (Sierra Madre, CA) 175

Total: at Least 16,354,194 Records Lost.

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