Social Security
Number Protection

Your Social Security number is your most valuable piece of identification. Our powerful monitoring technology makes sure you’re the only one using it.

Identity Health

Members can measure their risk level for identity theft and identify weak spots. The higher the score, the stronger members will be in the fight against fraud.

$1 Million Identity
Theft Insurance

We’re so confident IdentityHawk will prevent identity thieves from turning you into a statistic, we back up our pledge with $1 million in insurance for members only.

Discover the IdentityHawk Advantage

Our exclusive technology goes beyond typical identity protection services to give you a more accurate picture of where your identity is at risk and how it might be used without your knowledge. IdentityHawk stops fraud before it starts. Our patent-pending early-warning monitoring system detects suspicious activity across the Web and automatically alerts you, so you can avoid becoming a statistic.
The advantage is clear: We help expose identity thieves before they commit the act, not after the fact.

Your Security - Guaranteed