About IdentityHawk®


IdentityHawk® is the industry leader in identity fraud detection and prevention. Unlike other services that inform consumers after they've been victimized, our leading-edge technology detects, deters, and prevents identity fraud before it strikes. With the number of identity theft victims in excess of 11.1 million (one out of every 10 consumers)†, it is abundantly clear that the fraud epidemic demands a more sophisticated, more preventative solution: IdentityHawk®.

Created to help consumers safeguard their assets, their properties, and their good names, IdentityHawk® uses the latest anti-fraud technology to predict the likelihood of identity theft and uncover suspicious activity. Through our suite of prevention benefits, IdentityHawk® members can view their risk level for identity theft, identify areas where they're most vulnerable, and take proactive steps to avoid being victimized.

IdentityHawk® members are protected by around-the-clock Internet scanning that can uncover potential risks to a member's identity as soon as those risks appear. Our monitoring technology combs through everything from public databases to hidden chat rooms to look for suspicious activity that may be tied to any of the unique identifying data — names, addresses, phone numbers, Social Security numbers, and much more — provided by our members. (Naturally, any and all information that our members provide is protected by state-of-the-art SSL and other encryption safeguards.)

Because a timely response is needed to stop identity theft threats before they start, IdentityHawk® members receive automatic e-mail or text alerts whenever a potential risk is uncovered. Whether it's the unauthorized use of a member's personal information or a data breach that could potentially affect a wide range of the general population, we inform our members about the latest threats to their identity as quickly as electronically possible.

Despite increased awareness and greater governmental attention to the problem, the dangers of identity theft and fraud are unlikely to go away any time soon. As long as threats exist, IdentityHawk® is committed to remaining vigilant in our quest to help consumers protect their personal data and enjoy greater peace of mind.


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