24/7 Identity Security Scanning


Central to our commitment to preventing identity fraud before it happens, IdentityHawk®'s around-the-clock Internet scanning technology instantly uncovers suspicious uses of your confidential information. Similar to a motion-detection system that prevents break-ins in your home, IdentityHawk® scans the deepest corners of the Internet for signs of fraud, triggering a text or email alert whenever identity theft is detected. Our data scanning system pinpoints the use of names, aliases, addresses, telephone numbers, and financial accounts associated with your identity.

Powerful 3-Way Monitoring Protection
As part of our comprehensive protection for your unique identifying information, IdentityHawk®'s 24/7 Identity Security Scanning combines three powerful monitoring services in one:

"Events" Monitoring. We comb the Internet for "events" where your personal identifying information is being used (for example, when someone else opens a credit card in your name). It's our high-tech way of catching identity thieves in the act, instead of after the fact.

Breach Monitoring. IdentityHawk® tracks and compiles security breaches at companies and organizations worldwide and helps you determine whether you're at risk.

Cyber Monitoring. We scour the Internet to search for your personal information in obscure chat rooms and other clandestine sites where identity thieves sell their stolen data.

It can take many stressful hours and cost hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars to repair the damage done by identity theft. But IdentityHawk®'s 24/7 Identity Security Scanning detects the telltale signs of identity theft instantly, ensuring that you're never caught off guard and preventing identity thieves from turning you into another statistic.

Your Security - Guaranteed