$1 Million Identity Theft Insurance*


Identity theft takes many forms, and it's impossible to protect yourself against every last possibility. If your identity is stolen while you're a member of IdentityHawk®, however, you'll still be protected against certain costs of restoring your identity to its pre-theft status.

With IdentityHawk®'s $1,000,000, zero-liability identity theft insurance, you'll pay no deductible, and you'll be protected against the costs of identity restoration, legal defense fees, and lost wages.

Our identity theft insurance coverage includes:

  • Comprehensive Member Support. If you fall victim to identity theft while you're an IdentityHawk® member, you'll have special access to highly trained specialists who will guide you through the steps you'll need to take to restore your identity profile and your credit records. You'll also receive an Identity Theft Recovery Kit containing form letters that you can send to credit bureaus and creditors as part of the restoration effort.
  • Identity Restoration Costs. The tasks you need to complete to re-establish your identity can be expensive. Our policy will cover the fees you may incur from refiling loans and other credit applications that were denied because your identity was stolen, as well as the costs of notarizing affidavits, long-distance phone charges, tolls, and postage costs arising from the event. You'll also be reimbursed for stolen funds that your bank or other financial institution doesn't restore. To help you confirm that your identity has been restored, our policy also covers the cost of ordering up to six credit reports within 12 months of the date of your identity theft event.
  • Lost Wages. On average, it takes victims 175 hours to recover their identities, and the effort and emotional toll it takes often results in lost work time. Our Identity Theft Insurance will compensate you for lost wages you experience within the first 12 months after your identity is stolen.

With the $1,000,000 identity theft insurance coverage, IdentityHawk® members still enjoy greater peace of mind, even if they fall victim to identity theft.

Your Security - Guaranteed