Identity Theft Prevention

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Preventing identity theft can require a variety of pro-active measures on your part. To learn more about identity theft prevention, take a look at these insightful articles.

social security number theft

Who Can Lawfully Request My Social Security Number?

If someone requests your Social Security number, your first response should be, "Why?"

prevent identity theft

In the Mind of a Criminal: How to Steal an Identity

The axiom "know your enemy" can help you prevent identity theft — your own, in fact. Take a look at identity theft from the mind of a criminal.

stolen social security number

What to Do When Someone Is Using Your Social Security Number

Social Security numbers are unique identifiers, so you need to act quickly if yours is stolen.

secure your home computer

7 Tips to Secure Your Home Computer

Identity protection begins at home. Start by taking a look at your PC security with these 7 tips to reduce your chances of being an identity theft victim.

identity score

What is an Identity Score?

An identity score measures your risk of identity theft — and lets you know where your greatest risks lurk.

identity theft resistant passwords

The Importance of Strong Passwords in Preventing Identity Theft

Think using your children's data as passwords will baffle an identity thief? Think again. Find tips for creating a strong password.

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