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Welcome to the IdentityHawk® Resource Center, where you’ll find informative, insightful articles on identity theft and fraud, including important steps that can help you reduce your risk of identity theft — and help you fight back if you become an identity theft victim. To learn more about specific identity theft topics, be sure to click on any of the category links to the right.

identity theft email scams

Use Caution When Reporting Identity Theft Online

Scammers are known to create official-looking emails and websites just to steal your personal information.

security freeze

What Is a Security Freeze?

A security freeze is an invaluable tool for limiting the damage an identity thief can inflict. Learn when and how to use it.

protect children from identity theft

Protect Your Children from Identity Theft

Identity thieves like to prey on the weakest targets — and that includes your children.

debit cards and identity theft

Debit Cards and Identity Theft: Are You at Risk?

That camera near the ATM kiosk may not be offering you the security you think it offers. Learn the risks associated with debit card usage.

students and credit card scams

College Students Beware: That Credit Card Application Could Be a Scam

Credit cards and college students don't always mix well. This article discusses why thieves target college students to commit credit card identity theft.

identity theft resistant passwords

The Importance of Strong Passwords in Preventing Identity Theft

Think using your children's data as passwords will baffle an identity thief? Think again. Find tips for creating a strong password.

identity score

What is an Identity Score?

An identity score measures your risk of identity theft — and lets you know where your greatest risks lurk.

parental identity theft

Parental Identity Theft Statistics

Accurate information on parental identity theft is hard to find, but we do know a few things.

identity theft

Identity Theft: The Biggest FTC Complaint in America

In 2009 alone, 11 million people were added to the list of identity theft victims in the U.S. Get the facts.

identity theft statistics

Identity Theft Statistics

The statistics don't lie: Identity theft remains a growing crime.

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