Identity Theft Statistics: What is Your Risk? [Infographic]

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identity theft infographic

Are you at risk of identity theft?

Identity theft happens when someone acquires unauthorized access to your personal information. Victims can experience adverse consequences that range from having money transferred out of checking & savings accounts to having their social security number illegally used.  Not only is identity theft a serious crime, but it can require spending hundreds of dollars and countless hours to fix.  Therefore, the first step in prevention is education.

This infographic uncovers a variety of identity theft statistics facing Americans.

Statistics include:

  • People aged 18-24 are the highest group at risk
  • 38% of victims had their debit or credit card number stolen
  • 43% of all identity theft is a result of stolen wallets and paperwork
  • 1 in 10 U.S. consumers have already experienced identity theft

Don't miss the prevention tips towards the end, to help fight the fastest growing crime in the country.

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