About IdentityHawk’s 360° Protection


Your identity is like a chain. It's only as strong as its weakest link. That's why we provide the most powerful and comprehensive identity protection available.

Other services only protect parts of your identity. IdentityHawk® protects all of it. Now that the Internet has given identity thieves unprecedented access to your most personal and confidential information, it is critical that you have IdentityHawk®'s 360° Protection to cast the widest possible net for signs of fraud and help ensure that no facet of your identity is left at risk. It's our way of targeting identity thieves before they can target you.

Automatic Advisories Financial Protection Risk Detection Identity Restoration
Email Alerts 3 Credit Scores Identity Health Score $1 Million ID Theft Insurance*
Mobile Alerts 3-Bureau Credit Monitoring 24/7 Identity Security Scanning Access to ID Recovery Experts
Dashboard Review & Resolution of Alerts Financial Breach Tracking Social Security Number Monitoring ID Theft Recovery Toolkit


Your Security - Guaranteed