Identity Health Score


We're all at risk, every single day, of having our identity stolen. Some of us are at greater risk than others, due to data breaches, contact with unscrupulous people, and any number of other acts that identity thieves use to steal unique identifying information. But how do you know just how big your risk of identity theft is at any given moment?

With IdentityHawk®’s Identity Health Score, you can see exactly how fragile your identity protections are whenever you want. Just like a grade on a school test, the Identity Health Score rates your identity security on a scale of 1 to 100 — higher scores indicate greater protection.

Your score is based on the unique identifying information that you provide to our secure database. Our exclusive monitoring technology then scans everything from public databases to obscure chat rooms, looking for uses of the personal information you provide. To ensure that no digital stone is left unturned, IdentityHawk® monitors the black market as thieves post information for sale in chat rooms and forums. When any sign of your data is found, you're automatically alerted so that you can determine whether the information we've uncovered is authorized (and therefore safe) or unauthorized (and therefore suspect). The more unauthorized information is found, the more at risk your identity is, and the lower your Identity Health Score will be.

Along with the threat alerts, we'll also provide you instructions on how to respond to these potential identity risks, helping you increase your identity protection, fight back against possible identity theft, and build a higher Identity Health Score.

Your Security - Guaranteed