Social Security Number Protection


Your Social Security number is the key that unlocks the safe to your identity. Once identity thieves have your Social Security number, it becomes much easier for them to gain access to your most valuable personal data, including your bank and credit card accounts, PIN number, medical records, and investments. Identity thieves commonly use a stolen Social Security number to apply for credit, get jobs, and commit a variety of crimes in the victim’s name.

Given the fact that there’s a 1 in 7 chance that somebody else is using your Social Security number,* you need to make sure it has not been -- and will not be -- stolen by identity thieves. Many people don’t find out that their Social Security number has been stolen until they are turned down for credit or receive bills for items they never purchased. Nor is there any government-mandated program designed to protect your Social Security number. Fortunately, there’s IdentityHawk®.

IdentityHawk®’s Social Security Number Protection service uses cutting-edge technology to monitor billions of online records for unauthorized uses of your most important piece of identifying information. Should we detect the theft of your Social Security number anywhere on the Web, you’ll receive an automatic text or email alert, so you can take action before damage is done.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the most powerful, most thorough monitoring technology available will be applied around the clock to prevent you from joining the growing ranks of people who have had their Social Security numbers stolen.


Your Security - Guaranteed