Why IdentityHawk® is better than the competition


Unlike the competition, IdentityHawk doesn't just tell you when you've been victimized; we give you the tools to avoid becoming a victim. Our exclusive technology predicts fraud so you can prevent it.

The chart below compares the IdentityHawk suite of benefits with what the competition offers. Click on the benefit links to learn more about how IdentityHawk protects you in ways the other services can't.

Protection Benefits IdentityHawk Lifelock

Credit Scores & Monitoring IdentityHawk members can rest easy knowing that they have access to their credit records, which are monitored at all three credit bureaus.

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Social Security Number Protection IdentityHawk uses cutting-edge technology to monitor online records for unauthorized uses of your Social Security number.

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$1 Million Identity Theft Insurance* With our zero-liability, $1,000,000 identity theft insurance coverage, IdentityHawk members still enjoy greater peace of mind, even if they fall victim to identity theft.

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Identity Health Score With IdentityHawk's exclusive Identity Health Score, you can see exactly how vulnerable your identity is to fraud at any given time.

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Comprehensive Alerts IdentityHawk's comprehensive alerts not only help you predict the likelihood of fraudulent activity; they also help you take the necessary steps to prevent identity theft from happening to you.

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24/7 Identity Security Scanning IdentityHawk's around-the-clock, Internet-wide scanning technology instantly uncovers suspicious uses of your confidential information.

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Identity Recovery Experts IdentityHawk members can rely on a team of highly-qualified experts to give them the information they need to restore their identities in a timely, efficient manner.

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NOTE: Data accurate as of 03/17/2012
Comparing IdentityHawk with Credit Scores to Lifelock® & IdentityGuard® Basic Protectionsm.
† BASIC PROTECTIONsm is the first level of protection offered by Identity Guard®

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