Identity Theft Basics

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Identity theft can take many forms and devastate your life in a variety of ways. For a clear understanding of how identity theft is committed and how pervasive the threat is, take a comprehensive look at the following articles.

data breach

What Is a Data Breach, and How Can It Affect Me?

A stray laptop left behind at a bar could put the personal data of untold thousands at risk.  Learn about the risks of data breaches and the potential for identity theft.

common types of identity theft

The Most Common Types of Identity Theft

Knowing the most common types of identity theft is the best defense against becoming a victim.

parental identity theft

Parental Identity Theft Statistics

Accurate information on parental identity theft is hard to find, but we do know a few things.

identity theft

Identity Theft: The Biggest FTC Complaint in America

In 2009 alone, 11 million people were added to the list of identity theft victims in the U.S. Get the facts.

identity theft statistics

Identity Theft Statistics

The statistics don't lie: Identity theft remains a growing crime.

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