Identity Theft Protection

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Protecting yourself from identity theft is a crucial factor in protecting your assets and your financial future. For tips and guidance on how to reduce your identity theft risk, be sure to read the full roster of articles below.

holiday shopping

Shop Safe on Black Friday & Cyber Monday: 10 Tips to Protect Yourself While Shopping this Holiday Season [Infographic]

Eager to shop this Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Follow these 10 tips to protect your identity while shopping this holiday season.

mortgage fraud identity theft

Mortgage Fraud: The Fastest-Growing Type of Identity Theft

Identity thieves prey on nervous homeowners in a dismal real estate market.

online auction identity theft

Use These Tips to Protect Against Online Auction Identity Theft

Don't let your desire to own an item outweigh your need to protect against online auction fraud.

homeowners identity theft

Homeowners With Excellent Credit Are New Targets of Identity Thieves

Greater home equity leads to greater credit confidence, just the sort of thing that con men rely on.

identity theft insurance

Should You Buy Identity Theft Insurance?

Identity theft insurance can save you in the event someone steals your identity. Learn about the benefits.

identity theft and common names

Names: Were You Born with a Higher Risk of Identity Theft?

How common is your name? It might be more attractive to an identity thief than you think.

spot suspicious credit card activity

Ways to Spot Suspicious Activity on Your Credit Card

If a thief went shopping with your credit card, how would you know? Learn how to spot suspicious activity on your credit card.

dangers of shopping online

The Dangers of Identity Theft While Shopping Online

Each time you shop online, there is a chance that someone is gathering that information to steal your identity.

protect children from identity theft

Protect Your Children from Identity Theft

Identity thieves like to prey on the weakest targets — and that includes your children.

debit cards and identity theft

Debit Cards and Identity Theft: Are You at Risk?

That camera near the ATM kiosk may not be offering you the security you think it offers. Learn the risks associated with debit card usage.

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