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Welcome to the IdentityHawk® Resource Center, where you’ll find informative, insightful articles on identity theft and fraud, including important steps that can help you reduce your risk of identity theft — and help you fight back if you become an identity theft victim. To learn more about specific identity theft topics, be sure to click on any of the category links to the right.

data breach

What Is a Data Breach, and How Can It Affect Me?

A stray laptop left behind at a bar could put the personal data of untold thousands at risk.  Learn about the risks of data breaches and the potential for identity theft.

spot suspicious credit card activity

Ways to Spot Suspicious Activity on Your Credit Card

If a thief went shopping with your credit card, how would you know? Learn how to spot suspicious activity on your credit card.

stolen credit card

What To Do When Your Credit Card Is Lost Or Stolen

Stolen credit cards aren't the end of the world - if you know how to react properly.

identity theft recovery time

How Long Does It Take to Recover From Identity Theft?

Identity theft recovery requires a lot more time than you'd spend taking steps to prevent ID theft.

identity theft police report

Filing an Identity Theft Police Report

Reporting identity theft to the police report is a necessary step in dealing with defrauded creditors.

stolen social security number

What to Do When Someone Is Using Your Social Security Number

Social Security numbers are unique identifiers, so you need to act quickly if yours is stolen.

common types of identity theft

The Most Common Types of Identity Theft

Knowing the most common types of identity theft is the best defense against becoming a victim.

dangers of shopping online

The Dangers of Identity Theft While Shopping Online

Each time you shop online, there is a chance that someone is gathering that information to steal your identity.

secure your home computer

7 Tips to Secure Your Home Computer

Identity protection begins at home. Start by taking a look at your PC security with these 7 tips to reduce your chances of being an identity theft victim.

identity theft on Facebook

Reporting Identity Theft on Facebook

With 500 million Facebook users, it's no surprise that more than a few of them practice identity theft.

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