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Welcome to the IdentityHawk® Resource Center, where you’ll find informative, insightful articles on identity theft and fraud, including important steps that can help you reduce your risk of identity theft — and help you fight back if you become an identity theft victim. To learn more about specific identity theft topics, be sure to click on any of the category links to the right.

homeowners identity theft

Homeowners With Excellent Credit Are New Targets of Identity Thieves

Greater home equity leads to greater credit confidence, just the sort of thing that con men rely on.

identity theft insurance

Should You Buy Identity Theft Insurance?

Identity theft insurance can save you in the event someone steals your identity. Learn about the benefits.

prevent identity theft

In the Mind of a Criminal: How to Steal an Identity

The axiom "know your enemy" can help you prevent identity theft — your own, in fact. Take a look at identity theft from the mind of a criminal.

data loss prevention

SSL Encryption and Identity Theft: Are Your Favorite Stores Your Worst Enemies?

Retailers that don't upgrade their data-loss prevention systems put consumers at risk for identity theft.  Learn more about SSL encryption.

identity theft victim

What to Do if You're a Victim of Identity Theft

Think you're an identity theft victim? Take these steps NOW.

identity theft and common names

Names: Were You Born with a Higher Risk of Identity Theft?

How common is your name? It might be more attractive to an identity thief than you think.

identity theft and identity fraud differences

What's the Difference Between Identity Theft and Identity Fraud?

Is it identity theft or identity fraud if a thief uses your personal data to buy a new car?  Get the facts.

credit freeze

What Is a Credit Freeze, and How Can It Protect My Identity?

Can a credit freeze actually put the illegal efforts of identity thieves on ice? Get informed.

five moves that invite identity theft

Five Moves That Invite Identity Theft

Identity theft protection starts with you doing the right things. Avoid these five moves that can make you an easy target for identity theft.

data breach examples

Biggest Examples of Data Breaches

Since 2005, hundreds of millions of records have been compromised, which isn't reassuring. Here are the biggest examples, from the past few years.

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